A lazy day,
let’s say,
a Sunday,
spent on the, regal couch
with a smartphone.
Beep Beep,
Bro, I got another
like. Not only that,
two of those guys,
have also,
loved my picture!!
And guess what?
That girl in our class
who hardly even smiles
when she passes by,
has put a comment on
my picture appreciating
my dressing sense!!
People are so nice in
this world. We shouldn’t
let them go out of our lives.
Liking is caring.
And so is sharing.
So here I come,
liking the posts and
sharing them
and even attending
their events.
See, I am here,
to encourage.
And wait,
don’t go offline
without reading this message,
I just posted a happy birthday
wish on my Crush’s wall!!
Bingo, I definitely need a
brownie point for this
daring act!!
I for one, love Facebook and Instagram.
Their creation is definitely justified.
They do connect people across the globe.
Thanks, to these guys we never are alone.
They give the necessary cacophony to
our lives.

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