Last year, I had the opportunity to read The Girl On The Train, a novel by Paula Hawkins.

I was really impressed with the way she had handled the story. It was simply a beautiful psychological thriller. So, when I chanced upon another book by this same author, I picked it from the bookshelf with a lot of excitement and spent two weekends lost in it’s pages.

Into The Water, is a beautiful masterpiece work of Paula Hawkins which focuses on the aspects of psychology and adventure. The best part of this book is that the story doesn’t belong to one person. With every chapter dedicated to different characters woven in a pattern, it helps the reader to introspect the book in a myriad of ways. 

The story starts with the death of Nel Abbott and her sister Jules returning to their hometown after more than a decade to take care of the now orphaned kid Lena Abbott. When I give this introduction, it probably looks like the story only revolves around finding Nel’s killer. But here is the catch, the book slowly unfolds to span the characters of another two generations. With the idea of clairvoyance and the mystery of drowning pool thrown into a few pages it would give an insight to the reader that maybe the story is set in an horror theme. But it is not. Along with the plots of murders and suicides, Paula also touches on the importance of family bonding and communication which adds on to the beauty of the book.

On a personal note, I always rate a book on it’s plot. So from my side it would be a stupendous 5 just for it’s intriguing plot. Nowhere in the course of the story did I find it to be dragging or the grip being lost. The language and her writing style were as always commendable. I hope I would be able to write like that , someday. The book is not long, so you don’t have to spend days waiting to reach the conclusion.

I would definitely recommend it as a must read. I am pretty sure, that even this book would be made into a blockbuster movie!!.





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