It was the year of April 2006 when I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter by my cousin. So my mission for that summer vacation was to gobble up all the six of the books in the HP series and yeah I was pretty successful at that. Even now I can recall the excitement with which I had assimilated the pages.

For me, Harry Potter was not just a book belonging  to the fantasy genre but more than that. The characters created by Rowling were the epitome of strength, compassion and integrity who teach us that, everyone can make a difference in creating a beautiful world. I am sure, all of you out there would agree with me!!.

So here is some extra love to few of the iconic people in the HP series, who faced the society in their own little brave ways and tried their best to make it into a better place.


You could have easily cursed the people around you and held it against them for the unknown injustice, committed to you but you still chose to spread happiness to everyone around you. You trusted and believed in Dumbledore that he would take care of you. After all that you had gone through, you still had your child like innocence intact and your love for Grawp was too adorable !!.


You are that example for the society, which teaches that even a stone can be melted when heated appropriately. You were ready to change into a new leaf and put the past behind you when your master and his friends showered you with genuine affection. I still remember with joy, when you came to the great hall with your elf friends to defeat the dark forces.


I think you are my one true love in the entire series. Life and the society was unfair to you at almost all the stages but you chose to spread love. You could have easily shifted to the dark side and you had a good reason as well, that the regal society doesn’t accept a werewolf. But you stuck to righteousness till your last. You are a real inspiration and an hero to me.


You were a hero to me in the sixth book. Your maturity in the way you had handled Bill’s accident was really beautiful. You are that example which shows that the strongest minds can emerge out of nowhere and in any situation. You set the example that true love can transcend anytime over pretty faces.


Who would have thought that this pesky, chirpy tom boy would fall in love? It was your strength and your belief in yourself and your love that made your man change his heart. I always wished that there would be a book on your love story, sigh !! I know, I can be hopelessly romantic at times.

And lastly,

JK Rowling

For being a pure genius and creating such a beautiful plethora of characters who have and will still continue to stay with us for the rest of our lives. Thank you !!.


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