I feel recognized,

I feel admired,

I feel proud,

when I am showered 

with accolades,

across the globe.

Strange isn’t it?

That I am still

not content,

not at peace?

Do you ever,

wonder why?

Even I wonder,

even I search,

for the answers.

And I think,

I know.

Even to my

own ears,

it sounds sad.

But sadly, I 

can’t escape from it.

It is you.

It is for,

your attention,

your love,

your praises


your acknowledgement 

that I crave for.

In your eyes I am 

forever the lost soul,

whose mind wanders


whose heart just 


You would never

be able to see the 

real me. 

But it is fine,

I forgive your 


I shall remain,


forever and 


for you.

To all the people out there who are discouraged and disheartened when their efforts go unrecognized, or even worse mocked by their own people, by their friends or loved ones.


You are not here to please anyone and no one’s goal in life is to please you. So you be your own knight in the shining armour.













The title itself is so catchy right? This is what had caught my attention while  I was surfing for prospective books that would preoccupy my thoughts. 

So to give you an insight,  I really liked the book. It is suitable for young adults. It is a romcom but not cheesy, so it suited me fine. It can be considered as a motivational book especially for all the women out there.

Coming to the gist of the story, it revolves around two women Katie and Demeter. Katie a simple middle class girl comes to London with the dream of living the London life. The adorable thing about Katie is that, she loves to go to expensive cafes and bakeries to just fill the instagram feed with a hope that, one fine day  she would be eating all those dishes. At least I post real life scenarios on my insta :P.  Never mind, now coming back to Katie’s life, she works in a branding company and her boss is the other protagonist, Demeter a sassy, successful and elegant lady. Our Katie here is in clear awe of this lady, she is her inspiration and her role model. But one fine day her beloved boss let’s her down by sacking her.

So Katie goes back to her parent’s to help them in setting up their business and as luck would have it the sassy boss ends up at Katie’s with her family. That’s when Katie realizes the meaning of the famous saying, ” NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER”. After all, Demeter’s life is a sad little mess. The rest of the story revolves around how the two ladies stand by each other and sort their lives. Oh, and the book does give a comic outlook into the office politics as well!!. And there is a Mr. Handsome in the book who doesn’t disappoint us at all. His character has been interlinked to the story in a nice manner without deviating from the main theme. 

The conviction of the two women is priceless, and the conversations between them are written very well and it would make the reader pause and think. The story was predictable to some extent, but the plot was really good. The book does leave you in good spirits, so for people who don’t like sad endings, this one is definitely for you!! 

I would give this book a 4 star :).