The Millions Of Scattered Thoughts

It is vacation time for me and my father. Hence, like all close knit families, we come to the conclusion that, we need to travel to a different city and do justification for the holidays that got extended from the weekend to weekdays. Since, I am the techie geek in the family, my parents entrust me with the responsibility of browsing for the getaway destination. So, I start looking into the fancy and colorful websites. And hurray, I found one as well. But my happiness is short lived. Do you want to know why?

So, my father shouts from the hall, saying that we need to visit a few famous temples over this weekend. So, my idea of taking a vacation in shorts and denims has gone into the drain. Being the chill and ever obedient daughter, I pack the silk sarees and churidhars with long, flowing dupattas which my mother insists upon.

So, our beautiful car journey starts and as I belonged to ‘this’ generation, I would have preferred to listen to chaar bottle vodka or if not at least a mahi ve. But our driver recommends his wonderful songs collection. So, needless to say, I am super cool with this as well. So, the stereos resonate with the music and they transport me to another world.

I am sure by now all of you would be irked up with the ‘which world’ part. Once upon a time I was a Bharatanatyam dancer and  now you have the answer  I assume.

So, we reach the first of the temples in this vacation series. We go and get the almighty’s darshan. My mom’s face is glowing with joy after seeing the deity. I meanwhile, recover from the suffocation of getting crushed by swarms of people. Perks of visiting a famous temple, is how I would defend it.

So, we come out, me and mom wait for my dad to go fetch the ever enthusiastic driver. This is where the interesting incidents start  unfolding. A lady comes in front of us out of nowhere and says that this is real Lakshmee’s kumkum and my mom looks at me to wade her off as she doesn’t want to do that act you know. So, I politely refuse while my mom looks ahead with a steely glance. But the kumkum lady lives in the free country just as us and she didn’t seem to be in the mind to find an alternate buyer for her fancy stuff. So we decide to walk off to a general store close by. Here, we sit down on the rickety stools.While we wait here, a little impatiently a middle aged man comes to the store and requests a Fanta  bottle. I can see the cold bottle travelling from the refrigerator  to the counter. The poor man, he opens it and drinks a mouthful and then needlessly checks for the expiry date. And Bingo, the next interesting event unfolds. He sees that the expiry date is in January 2017 which is clearly not August 2017. He tells the shopkeeper the same and you know what he says? That it s okay. Clearly, the middle aged man is flabbergasted as all sane people. So, he pays the money for the bottle and says that he doesn’t want to expire anytime soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, why do we need to have a label indicating an expiry date, is it not a waste of paper and ink? And they would have made fancy fonts for these labels right? I wonder why no one pays heed to these points or is it just overthinking? And then I think, where is the press to record these incidents. Then, I mentally note that I should always check for the expiry date.Simultaneously  I wait for my dad to come and rescue us. Also, I wonder about the next set of songs that I would be hearing in the car.

And many more thoughts run in my ever curious mind.



Hi guys, this is the first time I am narrating something in the form of a story. This is the first in the series of short stories that would follow. So please read it and let me know about your thoughts and also, this is my seventh blog post. Happy reading !!.

4 thoughts on “The Millions Of Scattered Thoughts

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