Since my childhood I have had the constant love for books. I had started off with Tinkle and it’s likes. Slowly I moved to the evergreen amar chithra katha series. My father used to love buying those books for me as he found it instrumental for my understanding of the Hindu mythology.

I had grown up in Chennai and every month my parents used to religiously take me to a bookstore called Landmark. I had persuaded my mom to take me to Landmark at night 8:30 on the day Harry Potter and the deathly hallows had released and being a wonderful mom she had taken me.

All my Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys collection was collected from there. I used to love buying the hard bound copies.

Slowly I moved to the concept of borrowing books from libraries. During my college days, I was a diligent member at the local library.

After moving to Bengaluru, I have found some amazing bookstores and my need to collect books has resurfaced.

So, today my main agenda will be about enlightening you guys about my cherished bookstores in this start-up city.

  1. Sapna Book House: It was my father who had introduced me to this bookstore. They have a really good collection of books. They have an excellent collection of Non-fiction, Engineering Text Books, Languages and books based on one’s hobbies like sketching, photography music and so on. With each book you get really good discounts, especially with your college books.They have a lot of branches in the city but  I would strongly recommend the branches in Residency road, Indra nagar and Sadhashiva nagar. Along with books, these branches have an excellent collection of stationary, gadgets, gift articles, media and games. This shop has it’s branches in Mysore and Mangalore. They are equally amazing.
  2. Gangarams Book Bureau: This is located on Church street. These guys specialize only in books and they do have a stupendous collection. They have a good collection of thesaurus, dictonaries and engineering books with practical projects. Their Coffee table books are something you shouldn’t miss.
  3. Bookworm: This book house too, is located on Church street. Here they sell second hand books as well and the good thing is that you can exchange a book with a book with half the price you had spent initially. I had got my collection of poems by John Keats over here.
  4. Blossoms Book House: This is my most favourite book shop. This is probably one of the reasons why I wouldn’t mind this traffic indulging city. On most weekends you can catch me here. And whenever a friend comes to town, I dutifully take them to this place. I found some amazing authors like Lang Leav, Anuja Chauhan, Murakami and etc in their book store. They have too branches and both are located on church street. I personally prefer the old one. It gives me a very archaic feeling. They have an amazing collection of DC and Marvel Comic books. Also, they have started bringing in the old copies of Indian Comic strips like Indrajal. Here again, you can exchange the books with books for half it’s original price. This place is a real treasure for book lovers and I would strongly recommend this place.

It was a lot of fun to write this post. Do check out these places and let me know on how you feel about it. Also, if there are any nice book stores in the city, please let me know about them. I would love to go and explore those stores. 

I hope these guys give me some discount if they happen to chance on this post :P.





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